Thursday, December 08, 2005



Ok well I'm back and angrier than ever! What's with all the comments about Fuckaccinos? If Elizabeth Murray makes anyone buy a Starfucks, let alone discuss it ad nauseum on this blog, then she is the worst artist in the world. Maybe she's secretly on the CIA payroll like Jackson Pollack & Gloria Steinem. Did you all know that some forms of torture are legal at Starsucks if they suspect you buy coffee, muffins or music elsewhere? In honor of bad choices and irresistible consumerism, go into a Starsux and ask them if they have the Yeastie Girlz in their collection...that is, if you can find one anywhere near you! Oh so glad to be back!

Ms. Andry, you are on fire girl!
Glad to have you back pinching out a blog log.
ooooooh feels good!
starbucks moved next to my neighborhood deli where the counter guys are crusty and bitchy in front of their boss. the deli is always more crowded. i think crusty is popular in Brooklyn.
hahahaha, yeah Fuckem... starsucks is a desperate company, thats why they have to open so many stores, they know no one would buy a 5 dollar coffee unless it was absolutly convenient, who would go out of thee way for that? fuckers.
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