Saturday, December 03, 2005

Shtetlbrook Mews
We had a small clot of friends over last night, resulting in the decision to turn our home into an assisted living facility. Because we need to. The focus of my evening was keeping English Muffin Pizzas and wine flowing and also comming up with a name for the house. Here are some of the possibilities generated by Nurse Vendetta "Asparagus" K. Starr (or THIS!) , Bad News Bequi and Dave Hickey

The VanDerDyke
Puffy Haus
QueensToung Arms (or Mews, or Pine, or Downs)
Tents Arse
Ziggurat Hills
The Mounds
Charlot Place
Willows Woman on the Mews
Power Downs
shtetlbreuk farm
Shtetl Winds (or Mound)
Tuna of the Forest
The master wordsmith, Tim Davis came up with this unbeelievable list on his own:
"Don't Mention It"
The Lollycolumns
Carmelized Nonions
Teeny Tiny Acres
Old Smoky's Top
Barely Illegal
Le Timing
Achy Mai Tai
Zoo of Close Calls
The Chin-up Bar
The Preeners
Orangeade Maypole
Trencer Spacy
Fronds and Anemones
Communication Error
Mitrebox Heartache
I'm A Beam
The Types
M'not not
Ernie's Needs
Toast Odor
Now I Am a Man
Renzo Ukulele
Velcro Acres
Hello to Turtles
Math Skills
18 Polyensaturated Place
Here? Now!?
Weird Buddhist Garden
Honest Shellac
I Digress
House of the Rising Tonsil
Googling Mommy
Pointed Up
A Watch Fob for Topper
Compass Rose
The Divine Dollar Store
People For Against
On Stun
Non Event
Miss Manor

I forgot to put "B'roke" on the list, a personal fav...
cheddar cove?
Boadeeeeeeee! Hi Man. Chedder Cove is a GREAT NAME!
And the house actually has a cheesy smell plus I love Cheese! Sounds like you had fun last night...
pippi longstocking really had the ideal childhood, did she name her house?
You mean the Villa Villekulla? The house that could fly?
Pippi Langstrømpe's childhood as I remember, was fun but underpinned by an unspoken tradgety... where were the parents? Was it ok for her to be constantly drinking coffee?
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