Sunday, December 18, 2005


mixed messages

After being ushered gently into a shame spiral by Corny at her & Ms. Cub's lovely Mound in Brooklyn today, I feel the need to update the millions of readers here at this blog on mixed messages & the potential of triumph. Depressed most of the day Friday and seemingly validated by the universe for such feelings (see illustration), I proceeded to soothe myself medicinally for a number of hours. Had some fun & entertainment courtesy of Dean & Pony (see illustration). Eventually on subway @ 2AM because so goddam brokeazoke, unactractively loserish, sad and still drunk. Lo & behold a message waiting under my armpit on the subway bench, evidenced by the painting you see here! The most succinct & righteous image one could have received. Praise goddess! Painting contains email address, so I send a word of question and thanks to the magik maker of this most brilliant scoregeous picture. Lo and behold I was emailed by the magikmaker mouthofleaves that I was the lucky individual who by the power of chance discovered 1 of 2 paintings left randomly in Brooklyn. Yes to art therapy, the power of giving and psychic insight! You, mouthofleaves, are a savior. Free thinking is for free!TM

Ms.Andry, that is a beautiful and strange thing that happened to you on the subway. You were definately guided by the goddess to be in the right palce at the right time to recieve that pict-o-gram from the universe. Wealth flows to you in avalanches of abundance (at the moment it's just not the spending kind of wealth (Lady fortune is a callous fickel bitch) ...if I could be one thing I'd be your super strength Mini Mag-lite® with a life time warranty to help guide your way when the path gets dark...
oh corny, don't make me cry!
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