Monday, December 05, 2005


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That Michael S. Riedel show at David Zwirner was so sad and strange, my brain was tickeled but the painter in me was like "Please, give me a fucken break alreaty!" Before I left, I bought the Neo Rausch catalogue. Went through it, read the essay and am 10 times the fan I was yesterday, which was alreaty a humongous fan... Big love for Neo.

I'll be taking the company car to upstate corperate headquarters in the morning where I'll be administering credit scoring
sessions for the clients all day.

perhaps the painter in you can be healed by a visit to Freaking disturbing, it's what crazy old cat ladies would do with a pearl paint gift certificate. T.S. is back from filming Girls Gone Wild: Scope Miami and puking in hot tubs.
These post modern ploys are tired now and forever. Make them stop!!
(wiggeling nose) ... ok, that should take care of it.
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