Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I cannot deal AT ALL with Elizabeth Murry! I fluctuate between Couldn't Care less and Stab Me In The Eyes So I Don't Have to Look at This Shit. Still a few people I know like her work. Amy Sillman, my paint guru was trying to convince me Murry is an important painter who displays moments of brilliance. Here is Amy's reconstruction of a Murry using a bowl with a few M andM's and two pieces of miniature pumpernickel bread slices. I think Amy should be the one getting a solo show at MOMA.

i couldn't agree more.
this piece alone needs a show.
relieved to hear somebody say this. sometimes feel guilty about having matricidal as well as patricidal instincts but instincts are a good thing.
thats what i say!
kelli, I liked that book Blink (or at least the first 20 pages or so I read) that explained intuition to be entirely rational
rapid cognition. Jumping to conclusions saves time and energy, so I agree, instincts are a good thing. It's ok not to like EM, maybe we should start a support group for woman who feel guilty about not likeing her, though I wouldn't be in it cause I don't feel ONE IOTA of guilt for not likeing her work. Say NO to GIANT COFFEE CUP ART!
Speaking of coffee cup art, I was in a Starbucks once that had an art-decor scheme with art pieces that were kind of like Elizabeth Murray, except I liked it better than her work. Now whenever I think of Elizabeth Murray I want a Frappucino.
i think its stereotyping to think that all women like or revere elizabeth murray, i know plenty of guy artists s who like it, and just because i am a woman i dont automatically like EM. However, for a lot of people who are old enough to remember, she was a big deal once, and broke a lot of barriers at the time, i think its indicative of our times that anyone over 50 or 60 is considered old hat, it will be interesting to see in 20-30 years who of the current generation of art world darlings hold up and retain a career for as long as she has.
Ever since Gottfried Von Strassburg you've had to kill your parents, your grandparents and any motherfucker who gets in your way to make anything new. That's culture and it has nothing to do with equality or a level playing field. I want a Frappucino.
No, nothing is automatic, you gots to earn it. I remember when EM was a big deal, it wasn't that long ago but even in the 80's when I was in high school-college I had the same feelings I still have, cumbersome ugly, over wrought, bad color....
50 -60 isn't considered old hat 'round here. We celebrate OLD here at ABCN! Here's my short list of great artists who have rounded the double nickel and still making great work.
Dan Grahm
Peter Doig
Kiki Smith
Richard Prince
Roni Horn
Bob Gober
Marlene Dumas
Mary Heilman
Richard Tuttle
Luc Tymans....
Gottfried Von Strassburg... I'm going to have to look that up...
wrote ( most of except ending) tristan and isolde. true love and other good things happen when shit falls apart and rules get broken. and you have to kill your parents.
could never understand why people liked EM art
except maybe how crafty those shaped canvases are
EM's work is aesthetically heinous - thought so even back in the eighties when i was in high school. i just hope her show does not poorly influence the next generation. please, no more coffee cups. please.
EM sucks. I'm glad you girls are talkin about it 'cause I was feeling all guilty for hating it like I was missing something.
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