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I´m still in mexico but thought i´d check iñ... Mexico Çity is loco, way the hell too much polution and traffic, i could start a dirt farm with what i blow out of my ñose every night... not cute. But other things are ok, good hotel, good food, good art, kooky functionalist buildings everywhere, and hilarious billboards I cant get into right now... I painted a mural in a record 4 days, today and tomorrow I will hang my drawings alongside of Orozco´s drawings from the museum collection. I like his drawings of prostitutes and drunken parties, he was a great drawer and makes me look good. Ms. Andry, if you´re out there please come back.... we need you! meanwhile heres some questioñs from the Baer Faxt. post answers in the comment section if you feel inspired... Favorite Museum Show: Least Favorite Museum Show: Favorite Gallery Show: Least Favorite Gallery Show: Favorite New/Emerging Artist: Favorite Establishes Artist: Favorite Arts Magazine: Favorite Arts Critic: Favorite Auction House: (return by e-mail to by December 22)

met Gabriel Orozco at bank job & made mistake of mentioning relative. Seeing hurt look had to backtrack " you are a great artist as well... both very different but with political content in common". He is sweet. Favorite art critic: Jan Avigkos. Favorite candy: almond joy.Favorite secret fear: that I am a hippy.
fuck, i just reread my post and am regretting posting this questionair cause i don´t have answers except my fav museum show from this past year was the Comic Grotesque show at the Neue Gallery, kelli you would of liked it, or did you catch it¿
Fav candy: dark chocolate the more expensive the better
i cant decide about my favorite auction house, thats a hard one!
I missed a lot of shows but this is what stands out from what I saw:
Favorite museum show: comic art show in LA - from McCay to Panter, Kirby to Kurtzman, plus E.C. Segar! There is such warmth in old hand drawn comics from the teens and twenties - honorable mention: Paul Noble is great at Ecstasy
Favorite new artist: I'm noticing a lot of interesting things going on with Vancouverites - also saw some nice drawings by Keegan Mcsomething-or-other at J. Hanley. Does Simon Evans count as a new artist?
Favorite gallery show: I keep thinking about that Daniel Zeller show at Pierogi
Least favorite museum show: I'm still trying to wipe that Howard Hodgkins show at the Met a few years back from my memory, does that count?
Favorite auction house: Huh?
Favorite Museum Show:
Julio Le Parc at the Daros LatinAmerica in Zurich, hmmm but a close second would have to be a fabulous Arachnids show i saw in Venice as a teen. The jumping orange Brazilian tarantula still fills me with warm and fuzzy thoughts..!!
Least Favorite M Show:
How do I pick just one???
Favorite Gallery Show:
Tough one: Hector Zamora at Garash Galeria in Mexico City, Doug Aitken at Eva Presenhuber in Zurich, and Yoshua Okon at Enrique Guerrero, Mexico City
Least Favorite G Show:
Gran Turismo at nameless one-night only gallery this Tuesday in Mexico City.
Fav New Artist:
hhmmm, Horacio Cadzco and his Teching Hsieh/Montano-like recent performance, also the work he does with the collective Cacahuates Japoneses is pretty funny.
Currently between Favorite established artist, although Baldessari, Abramovic, Janet Cardiff, Santiago Sierra, Richard Serra, Tom of Finland are definitely in my top ten.
Favorite Arts Magazine
Umeleck magazine from Prague is excellent and funny. I also like Zing magazine, and ArteContexto from Madrid, for electronic art A minima from Asturias in Spain is also pretty good. Favorite Art Critic: Me
Favorite Auction House: Do crime-related real estate auctions count?
Up Museum Show: Van Gogh Drawings
Down: Matisse and old rags at Met
Up Gallery Show: Neo Rauch at D. Zwirner
Down: "Girls on Film" at Zwirner & Wirth
Fave New Artist: Aaron Young
Fave Est. Artist: Robert Gober
Fave Magazine: ArtForum
Fave Critic: Jerry Saltz
Fav museum show - ?
Least fav museum show - Ecstacy
Fav Gallery show - Lecia Dole Recio
Fav new artist - ?
Fav established artist - Tom Burr, Roni Horn, Henrik Olesen, Felix Gonzalez Torres, Richard Prince, Jack Pierson, Louise Lawler
Fav art mag - i make a point not to look at art distracting for me.
Fav critic -
Fav auction house - dont pay attention
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