Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Happy Holidays, or not. I feel like this inside and if you go even deeper I feel like this. Mrs.Cub and I are away thru New Years , can't wait to get back home and dive into the paint again. I'll post again before new years so check back and theres always surprise visits from Ms. Andry to remind your your only half the person you could be. Below is my Top 10 Music Selections for 2005, check em out, and also check out BoadaweeBlog's music round up too, it's really good. ox

Generally hate Winter Holidays even when I try to think of them as a pagan solstice sort of thing but best friend my cat just came back from the vet with clean bill of health. Scary sore on chin just eczema. Vet refused to give me ketamine so no K-hole for Christmas but happy holiday to all.
Hi Chunky!
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