Friday, December 16, 2005



Corny is back but sorry, here I am agin. Paging Corny! Hey these 2 grrls @ Pimples last nite were awesome! No actually they weren't there, but lots of similar excitement abounded after JD's opening sale @ Deitch. Lezzies on X and Hardy-laced chorus riled everyone up, got everyone over-excited oh yes. Ms. Hardy , here in a previous incarnation of what was worn last evening, made it thru the evening despite being sober and achy. Theys Pimps only getting better, better n butter. If only my trigger finger had been working last nite, this coulda been such a good last night's queer party posting. Oh well, falied again! Oh and why can't anyone safely blow shit up on stage or in galleries anymore? (Wendy O. Willliams with the Plasmatics above) I am putting an open call out for anyone who can help me get Larry Gagosian to let me blow up a Hummer in one of his small tiny galleries. I would prefer if it was his Hummer, but have to look into that. Could be Yvonne Force's Escalade SUV if she will donate it. Open call! One of my eco-friendly compatriots suggests it is too polluting to do this but remember-the word is environ MENTAL. Be extreme for just 1 second today. Thanks for your time.

Brilliant!!! FUCK I'm mad i missed the fun but flight trouble delayed (see below) my arrival and finially got home late grumpy and tired.
I don't know anyone to help, but I would be thrilled to help publicize via bloggy!

I would probably buy a ticket too, if you charged admission.
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