Monday, December 19, 2005

This a a tough one, it was a great year for music, tons of great stuff to choose from. I made my choices based on how much I listen to the albums and love them. I thought Kaiser Chiefs would come in higher but my love for Employment burned hot and fast and I find I haven't listened to the album since it came out. Art Brut was another band I thought would come in higher, they have a lot of amazing songs (every song on this album is great) but I can't listen to over and over and over. Perhaps my ears are mellowing in my old age, I keep going back to Tom Vek, Magic Numbers also Soft hearted Scientists keep on giving. The Franz album is genius, I like it better then their first release, Kraftwerk is brilliant and this live album adds a totally different dimention to their sound. Babyshambles wins hands down. Down in Albion is a rambling album with digressions into raggae and what I first thought were other mis-steps but over time it's grown on me and I'm feeling the love for every bit of this album. Some bands that put out good albums in '05 but didn't make the top 10 cut:

LCD Soundsystem
The Doves
Let me know what you listened to this year that was outstanding. At the end of my Top 10 albums list I posted my top singles and some compilations I like. Cheers!

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Boadwee's list reminded me I forgot about grahm Coxon's happiness in Magazines. I would happily insert that at number or 3 or 4 but can't deal with the a big reshuffle...
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