Friday, December 09, 2005


Alarm Clocks Kill Dreams

While fundamentalists and libertarians worldwide decide what the best way to destroy the world is, the unemployment rate in my home up 50%! Who can I vote for to fix this? How bout the Work Less Party, the inspiration for today's general atmosphere. So what they're Canadian?...we all live so close to one another. Time for more sharing. Deep in land of regret for missing the slow dancing at Edwin Ramoran/Dean Daderko's last Hotel Chelsea piece-an art eviction took place soon after-but keep it up Dean, we will follow! Keep up with the schedule everydody (click on Hotel Chelsea). And don't forget to congratulate all the DJ's, coke dealers* and gallerists who are in the Whitney Biennial next year when you run into them at Starfucks! As my guru wisely told me this morning while I had a nervous breakdown and delicately balanced on shards of glass, take care brush your hair! * verified by reliable sources

i work from the old adage:
take heed, wear harris tweed
grt site- i'm all OVER it!
Yes, DJs, coke delers, ART dealers (!!!) and euro trash make up the next buy-any-ol.woo-woo its going to be a good party
you rule Ms. Añdry
I noticed some good artists on list: Monica Majoli, Marilyn Minter, Nari Ward. Art history people are a mystery: it seems like finishing school for rich chicks waiting for marriage and curators are the ones left on the shelf.
once again your blog brightens my unemployed day with a saucy little dose of insurgence, goes good with with my yes cup of coffee here at six am california time as one year old shakes his maraca to the Monks, who, if you forgot to listen to them in a while, sang way ahead of their time: "why you kill all those boys in viet nam? james bond? who's he?" the dropout marines who pioneered the reverse jarhead hairdo, which i say we bring back in protest of the current bloodfest war. whose first with the clippers?
Corny, once again you NAILED it. DJ's and coke dealers don't have to do anything, they just embody art. I for one am hoping to get hooked up with some high quality blow when I get to the biennial.
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