Saturday, November 05, 2005

To lie in a bed of meat, To feel the meatieness against my skin, The fragrance How it comforts me, Though feeling so bovine, Once again. There was a time When skies weren't cloudy, And it seldom ever rained, But as the clouds begin to rumble, Once again there's so much pain. So I'll lie in my bed of meat, And wait till the storm subsides, And use the fat from my prime cut bed, To wipe away the tears I've cried.

The board of directors have voted. A new directive has been passed down from the top instructing me to deleat all SPAM comments. Thy will be done.
Ok but anyone who wants to purchase quality Mary Kay cosmetics knows I am the go-to person. T.S. will strip down to his underwear for food.
Is it true T.S. wears woven goat hair undies?
nah. that is his hair shirt and he only wears it for Lent
hey Kelli, if you happen to read this today or wednesday, 6:00 is too early for me to kick off work for pre lecture dinner but I'll try to make the lecture
whats the address again? We gotta come up with some tough questions.
Hunter College is at 450 w 41 st between Dyer & 10th Ave. The lecture is on the 2nd floor. Other people may like to come. Tony Matelli is an interesting artist and Hunter is a very friendly grad program unlike Pale Yale. Also a good place to drink beer and pick up idealistic 23 year old kids.
I thought Yale was friendly enough, just dull.
Thanking you...
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