Friday, November 25, 2005


Team Shredder is looking for YOU!

This was posted a few days ago...

Bipolar Alcoholic Lesbian with ADD, Herpes, HepC, Unfinished Book, Zero $, SexDrive & Future seeks Biographer/Patron from Alternate Parallel Universe

You: Empty Inside. Send cash or money orders, payable to cash only, to: 1751 University Ave, #211, San Diego, CA 92103 Who should write the introduction? I'm thinking like Noam Chomsky or Godard. Afterword by Deneuve. Whatever. I'll think about it.
More about sea monkey below

Speaking of Catherine Deneuve when I was a little girl I wanted to be just like her in the Hunger because she had Bowie and Susan Sarandon around,lived in a great house and just played music all day. Sure her lovers hated her but they were ungrateful fuck-ups. So it hasn't worked out AT ALL. What am I doing wrong?
oh dreamy Seamonkey
No doubt she was one sexy ethereal fucker in The Hunger but what about the Deneuve of The Umbrellas of Cherbourg...teenage shop keep, so innocent.
what the fuck!! the hot & sexy dr. weeks i know & loved is now a seamonkey who lives in san diego??!! well, i have some money saved to buy a mustang, but if dr. monkey needs it more......
Yo Red, I know, what a world what a world. The good Doctor is in San Diego... Methinks you should get yourself that Mustang then drive up to visit her.
Oh me gott in himmell, Corny! Imagine my surprise when I did my check on your blog! hahahahahahahaha. I'm speechless before coffee. Congratulations on your HOUSE!
I know, we're having a crazy-town love fest for you SeaMonkey!
Yes, please to you will help Sea of Monkey, as Mr. & Mrs. The Cap'n can no help themself sometime yes.
Many thank to you Corny sir,
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