Thursday, November 17, 2005


Super Plus Plus

A 2-day binge on a vitamin-free diet consisting of milkshakes, pierogis, jalapeno poppers and art overload with comrades LM Childs & Yves Fowler moseying from Abromovic's 7th easy piece (hugely dumb!) to Gelitin's Tantamounter (an astounding pleasure! see results to left!) has left me incredibly wanton. Will sex provide the nutrients I crave? Abromovic's series at the Gugg definietely brought out a range of mediocre to astounding possibilities of art formerly known as performance (Seedbed and Lips of Thomas being highlights)....a total of 49 hours of pain-and-pleasure-filled endurance fun! The series also brought out a plethora of freaky performace art fans (my deluded self as well) that were just as shocking to witness. It's hard to be avant-garde.

Gelitin tantamounter: so much kinkier than Kinko's and more Austrian than Fed Ex planning to bring something bourgie to copy like a picture of my grey & white cat.
I was really bummed to miss the Abromovic. I had a cold.
Wow, look at that super duper plus sized tampon, it's like you struck gold and went to art heaven. I'm green with envy.
A tampon for Marguerit Perrin
It looks like a huge microphone, i think the tantamounter is broken.
A.L., sorry didn't join you last night, I was in a coma by 10:00 last night from moving all day and moving more today. Come Visit us!
Keep rocking the blog, xoxooxoxxoxo
Also I LOVE you're crazy giant tampon! Maybe I'll put a maxy pad in and we can use our pieces in Ridykelous 2.
what the grand BOX did for my pink ipod, I'll never forget.
Corny, A.L. all of of the cool people are on blogspot. Just came across denniscooper His reflections on literature have given me a new booklist. Plus there is a lot of porn.
That's a great story. Waiting for more. » »
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