Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sunday night. Listen to the first song "Kevin is Gay" on the new Giant Drag album, it'll help. Were not so much having the rest of the album, but this song nails it, whatever it is.

a bitch is confused
i was confused about the meat thing but somehow commented here. uh, not having giant drag but i still WORSHIP YOU! oh, and victoria is the bee's knees as far as i'm concerned. the two of you were a real tonic when you were here. no, the two of you were a VODKA AND TONIC, A STRONG VODKA AND TONIC! XO kb
I'm not having Giant Drag either but the first song is a great one. As for the meat bed, whats your question Mr.Boadwee? Are you confused about the size of my mattress? the cut? What kind of sheets go with a bed like mine? Is there a headboard?
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