Friday, November 25, 2005

SEND SEAMONKEY MONEY. 5, 10 dollars proly welcome. She will likely reward us by finishing the book which will HONESTLY be the most perfect and beautifully articulated masterpiece in the history of fiction ever. Trust me. Sea Monkey ≥ Dr. Laurie Weeks, or The Messiah to you. (This is what "Laurie Weeks looks like according to a Google Image search)

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Oh god, don't strike fear into my heart like that. I just finished a series where I painted every person listed in the Le Tigre song 'Hot Topic' (, and Laurie Weeks was one of the hardest people to find an image of. The trouble with painting portraits of strangers is that you're never sure if you got it right - to this day I'm sure if I painted Tammy Rae Carland, or her partner. I mean, it's entirely possible that Laurie Weeks actually is a fetus/beehive-wearing sassy sixties writer. In which case, back to the drawing board for me...
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