Saturday, November 19, 2005



My Barbarian's You Were Born Poor & Poor You Will Die @ Participant is a necessity in these here end daze. Nothing could be better than this one, they are hot shit. Hoping "Human Sacrifice" will be the next big hit or used as the opening track for the next filmic rendition in the Left Behind series. Kiss to the ass of Pimples lezzies for drunken me up last nite. Time to see if I can stay up until Chicks on Speed @ 2 am tonight @ Knitting Factory. Ja or nein? I am way too old for this kind of life. Everyone send good vibes to Corny & Ms. Cub in their new digs, they have joined the Ownership-Soceity!

Please more details about this Pimple who gets you drunk and whos ass you kiss...
you mean shoes?
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