Tuesday, November 15, 2005

It took a year of excruciating pain (emotional, economic, psychic) to renovate a house in Williamsburg, but we're finally moving in this week. Also taking a trip to Pittsburg to deliver Sensory Induction System Technology or a "slide show" to the coeds at Carnegie Mellon U. on Wednesday, so I'll be taking this opportunity to give the reins of A Humble Blog Called Nowhere over to the brilliant artist and misandrist extrodinare A.L. Steiner. Expect the usual pile of wank you find on this blog to get considerably more sophisticated and substantially more political in the next 10 days. Peace out.

the place looks great! all of your hard work really paid off.
Thank you I'm especially pleased with the
roofing. Why choose betwwen corrugated metal and wood shingle when you can have both. Also 4 chimneys, HELLO.
the driveway looks like a mote.
It's a lap pool
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