Saturday, November 12, 2005

Gelitin is back in NY. I stopped by to say hi last night and they were busy building their gigntic xerox machine. All together 6 of them will be holed up in the box for the duration of the show (no going in or out) There will be a psychiatrist from Munich in there with them too. It's brilliant, they're brilliant, this show is for sure the highlight of our NY fall art season. Visitors can keep copies the Tantamounter makes.
The "Tantamounter 24/7" is a gigantic, complex and very clever machine. It's like a huge huge Xerox copy machine, only bigger and more clever. The friendly customer places their personal objects, ideas, smells on one of the entry ports and after a short analysis will be informed of the time it will take to produce the copy. The "Tantamounter 24/7" can scan two and three-dimensional objects, analyze their flavours, ideas, concepts and contents. As a clever machine it can not just copy or duplicate objects, but of course be tantamount to them. Due to its complex emotional circuitry one will never know how the "Tantamounter 24/7" will reflect the input. After the announced waiting time the input object and its duplicate will be ejected through the exit slot. The working mechanism behind "Tantamounter 24/7" is some completely hardwired intense individual agents operating day and night under close supervision of a bankrupt psychiatrist. tantamountered at Leo Koenig Inc., 545 W 23rd Street. Yes, Leo Koenig Inc. will be open 24 hours a day for the entire week of November 16 through November 23rd.

i am imagining something like The Fly...
Yes, the fly got in the pod and all hell broke loose. Maybe we should sneak a fly into the Tantamounter.
Holy crap! These people are genius(& cute too). My infatuation with them has been wholly approved by the bf.
Will the Tantamounter be accepting things by mail? With todays 2 posts I am lovink your blog as much as I love you. Art, Art, Art. I just love art!
Yes they are cute and genius! I think you have to mail them something! i would definitely try it.
Kenny beans I had NO IDEA you were out there keeping a sideways glance on my humble blog. You are the beaniest bean.
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