Monday, November 07, 2005

Rachel Lachowitz's opening in San Francisco last Thursday night was a kick. We had a sad reason to have to go out there but were psyched to see Rachael's new work. Friday we had lunch with Keith Boadwee and his LA dealer Kim Light and Rachel. We hear Kim Light is rocking LA with her new gallery LIGHTBOX. Kim Dingle is working on a painting show for the new space, very cool. It's been over 5 years since Dingle has painted, I dug the stuff she showed at Jack Tilton in the mid 90's and am curious to see how she reaproaches painting. Lachowitz is based in LA and has been a staple of the art world there for over 10 years. She's a seriously smart sculptor/painter who is best known for her elegant and hilarious send ups of art by famous male artists. Pictured here is a piece made of eye shadow, but one of my all time favs of hers is her torched Breuer chair. The craftsmanship on this piece and all her work is beautiful. She is a fierce critical voice in an (art) world that needs more of just that.

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couldn't agree more.
great show.
I'm thinking of remaking Steve Hurd's painting of this entry: I would execute it on wood using a mixture of eye liner and my semen, then put it into a dumpster and bury both underground. After this, Hurd or possibly Sean Paul would create a three-dimensional photograph of a similar dumpster (it would likely be a large plywood box with an image covering the surface of each side) and title it "Heavy Burschi 8000." I'm not being especially sarcastic, I actually think this would be quite interesting.
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