Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Feeling Blahg

It took a year of excrutiating pain to build up to this point to be able to take over Corny's blog, but here I am, finally moved in. The amenities are wonderful, and I'm really enjoying the room service.... And the house massesue is SUPER! So everyone strap on your Queer crash helmet or Heteropride tee and join me in this wonderful in-room cocktail at the end of the universe. But first listen to "Daddy Dictator" by the group formerly known as The Anarchy Steering Committee to get in the mood... PS> If you can figure out the significance of the heterosupremacist graphic above, you'll win a free cup of coffee shipped directly to you from The Corny Cafe!

dear a.l.,

just wanted you to know that you have the full support of your sister gallery, boadwee blog, during your reign of terror at a blog called nowhere. we're more like a best western over here (you have to walk down the hall to get your own ice) but the staff is really friendly!


grandmaster b of the blood arm (the artist formerly known as keith boadwee)

p.s. check out the revamped
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