Monday, November 28, 2005

Bulldagger circa 1500
Shoulders are very important on the road to building a perfect body. Not only when you hit a double back bicep pose do they look amazing but when just standing up they look great. Also in my opinion when your side delts grow in proportion to your biceps it makes your biceps and arms appear more defined and large. When you pose your body should look perfect or as close to perfect as you want. So with that in mind you should not only see in a double back bicep pose your biceps, triceps, then skip and go right to your lats, you need a nice bridge going throughout your body.

Wow Corny I had no idea you were so into the body sculpting ideals of musculature and broadness. This is a good philosophy to follow. I am broad, I am large, I feel nice. 1, 2, 3. If only dresses came in extra large and extra tall, then I would be a sight to behold on any balcony, right? We should all be as broad as possible and go out to dinner in a large group. We should increase the size of our foreheads and chins. The look of the Neanderthal is coming back in fashion, from what I understand. Thank you for raising this topic.
Constantly being mistaken for femme when my identity is bitch. Not sure what body part to bulk up or minimize. Was thinking pointier breasts. Not willing to do fake-ass exercise like pilates.
Right you are again MM, a swollen forhead/chin is shithot. And would visually echo the hyper-developed sholders.
We'de need lenghten and widen our feet so to ballance the enlarged top half. I'm game. This world is increasingly restrictive, our protest it to inflate like Macy's parade balloons.
Kelli the whole 'what gender thing are you' is a lie (as we all know) Bitch or a MF like myself, we're all stardust...
Pointy brests would be amazing, there surely is a surgical proceedure if not a excersize or a bra for that...
Pilates is a mystery to me. I know it involves alot of equipment and strapping yourself to boards and whatnot, It's how the Sweeds do S&M I'm pretty sure.
off to the Place of Suck to consult with clients and other vampiric life forms.
Corny you crack me up. The Swedes, like the Dutch, are an evil alien race. I am sure Pilates is part of their conspiracy to meld our minds together to control. Kelli, pointy breasts are very very hot stuff. Good luck getting them.

I am back from my Place of Suck. It sure did suck yesterday. I have been counting down the weeks for a long time. Only 2 left.
Also, I have learned that Powerpoint is part of the conspiracy.
Woah, I'm commenting from the actual Place of Suck! One of my clients is late for our weekly management sessions so I'm stealing away in my corncer office with a view to check in, God I'm such an ADDICT.
Please help
POWER POINT IS DARKSIDED. But I feel the pull of it...
corny, you have a real monkey on your back, but this is also a good way to increase upper-body mass, so they say...
Look at the underside of the balustrade then up at her... trippy and nausiating.
Where did you find it? Interesting read »
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