Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A Blog Called Nowhere News Flash! The Alpine hamlet of Viganella is going berzerk! Built at the bottom of a steep-sided valley, the village get very little light. "I'm depressed all the time" "My skin is falling off", and "everyday I wake up crying" are sentiments heard repeatedly around the darkened piazzas. The sensable thing to do would be to mount a giant mirror on the mountainside to reflect sunlight into the main piazza...

is anybody else getting winter depression, dysthymia whatever? every winter I want to hibernate like a bear or something. the forest kind not the hairy man kind.
isn't there a cream for darkened viganella?
Yeah, I get that but it usually doesnt set in until all the trees have lost their leaves. I recomend:

a)Shoplifting (gets your heart pumping, aerobic activity ≥ Seasonal Affective Disorder
b) Sit under a bare lightbuld and meditate on flowers and bees.
c)Hire a foxy personal assistant (SAD can leave you too tired to cope)
d)Get waisted in Miami (My brother takes weekend trips to Miami in the winter, fairs are cheep and it's a short flight)
e) act out, embrace your irritability, complain a lot.
Hahahaha, Gene your on fire this morning! Your brain she's problem solving with the horse power of a thousand wild stallions.
apparently the people of Vaginella are OBSESSED with sunlight, there are sun dials all over town and sun imagery everywhere. Thinking I'll take Mrs.Cub there on a second honeymoon.
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