Saturday, November 12, 2005

At the Cologne art fair, A.L. Steiner proposed to sell one million photo$ for 1 Euro each. This is an ambitious piece. There are only a hand full of female artists who can give their dealers a work worth a million dollars. Price tags that large don't ordinarily come with work by contemporary female artists, thus is Steiners point, to question the value put on work and to demonstrate the problem of being a female artist. This absurd amount of money is for the boys to aspire to, if a girl wants to make a million dollar art object she should make it accessable by breaking it up into a million easy pieces, the market does not trust woman artists enough to pay the high end prices for their work. Steiners photo show also seems to mock value placed on art while also making it a real possibility for herself to become rich... now if her dealer would just get off his duff and SELL BABY, SELL!

didn't Marlane Dumas sell a work for over a million?
No I don't think she was up that high was she? This is always a problem. Wrong. Very wrong.
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Oops I had to deleat my own comment due to giant gaf, lets try again. Thanks MM, I think Marlain did get a mil at auction last spring, breaking some sort of record for living female artist, but anyhw, this is SO besides the point. There r always exceptions to the rule, and I'm with you MM, it's wrong wrong wrong. My female dealer from berlin told be yesterday she was speaking with Bazlitz and collectors the Halls about why female artists don't sell for as much $ and she told me Bazlitz said because woman are busy taking care of families and other sexist nonsense. The idea we don't make art that is as strong as men is entrenched.
That makes me sick. F him. A revolt is in order. Where to begin??
first we should lynch bazlitz. I say more complaining to EVERYONE in a position of power with this issue -dealers and collocters.
...and make great art.
Speaking as a damaged person who makes small, twitchy objects I can't get outside of the stereotype. I'm usually doing revulsion and attraction and sometimes I spice it up with women and madness. But aren't all the big guys sort of a joke? Does anybody actually care about Richard Serra or Damian Hirst? Sure Richard Prince sells for 3 times as much as Kara Walker at auction but won't it be junk in 20 years? Is it better to be without loyalties: funded by the heirarchy while fluidly undermining it or to truly be a part of it. Or would it just be fair to have a choice. Culture isn't about equality: Is aiming for equality aiming low?
I'm aiming for hypocrisy
I am aiming for the cock of humanity with my giant girl gun.
Cock of humanity only lasts for an hour or so: the difference between a penis and a phallus. I'm just relieved that when I brushed my teeth this morning I didn't see Brice Marden in the mirror. As my punk rock fantasies based on destruction and absence of self-interest crumble I'm reminded of the old TLC song: "take their money, take their shit".
hypocrisy not only of said art world but the larger illogical unsustainable pathological compulsive consumerist impulse (said "collector" gets 1 million photos via lifetime delivery schedule with said artist).

And a salute to all present and future cock fighters!
sex is one of the romantic smokescreens for class. while romanticism and smokescreens have a role in art just know that all of us, of any sex are demeaned by a system based on envy, acquisition and difference. the brass rings and the gold stars just don't shine that brightly.
I remember a comment from a critic that women aren't capable of the "grand gesture." Fuck that. But maybe some of us can make the grand gesture without being accused of capitulation? If it isn't your bag, then great. Art is large and contains contradictions.
Kelli your musings are splitting my head in half, first thing thing I readily aggree with is how pleasing it is not to see Brice Marden in the mirror in the morning. There are two seperate value systems present in an art work, its value and meaning as a work of art, and then seperatlely it also has a market value.
The market for a work is a seperate issue from the content. The aim is for economic equality not for spiritual or artistic equality (whatever that means) because again you're right, all the work you site WILL be junk in 20 yrs. You can be critical and revolutionary and be treated fairly.

Also agree that a "system based on envy, acquisition and difference" is demeaning, thats just my point, there should be no difference. I have no envy, I'm thankful always for what the world gives back to me. Acquisition has nothing to do with painting, Steiners piece is less about pursuing the brass ring than questioning the system of brass rings. She is critical of the system and rightly so.
"take their money, take their shit".

I dunno. Theres an exchange and they're getting something more valuble then money, something precious and personal and meaningful and eternal and maybe even beautiful. Theres no reason to take shit. Fuck kowtowing.
"The Cock of Humanity" is a brilliant title for a painting.
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Why the need to diss on Brice Marden and Richard Serra?
Serra- pompous austere authoritative repetitive.
trying to stimulate discussion, challenge authority not trying to be mean-spirited. access to existing rights and autonomy from the system aren't contradictory goals. Corny knows how to have a resume and keep it hard-core. but it's hard.
Corny is a love not a fighter....and I would know.
The Mrs.
do people here think that women artists over last 25 years have been more experimental and less market oriented than men? what about most recent generation?
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