Sunday, October 30, 2005

We're throwing a halloween party on our flight to San Francisco. Just a little thing for our fellow flyers. There I am on the bottom left and Mrs Cub on the bottom right, seats 1A and 1 D, I love the bulk head! Have a stupendous week, I'll be back next Sunday with a shit load of new music from Mod Lange and valuless life lessons from the road.

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Hi Corny! Good luck on your trip. A blog friend told me how to vanquish the horrible spammy posts: in Blogger settings, go under "Comments," and click the button for verification. It makes for an extra step when leaving a comment, but no more spams. xo
mysterious spams. anyone could tell corny is more of a cat person. have already asked T.S. to stop advertising his sex sites. Like anyone will pay to watch his streaming video of him sitting around at Hunter College in underwear watching Springer.
I KNOW!!! These SPAMS are awfully tiresome. Slothy, thanks for the tip... I wanted to avoid that extra step because my constituants are busy on the go kinda people, but yeah, somethings gotta give. I may start a campaign of trashing the SPAM, though I'm reluctant to interfere with the organics of the blog.
Kelli, haven't noticed TS's Sex Sites, hahhaha REALLY?!?! your kidding....right?
hm, you do have a point, corny. do you think the verification is too cumbersome and the trade-off isn't worth it? maybe a poll will be necessary.
Right you are Slothy!
Polling will be conducted upon my return...
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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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