Friday, October 14, 2005

We're feeling like all this talk about art and money is sucking the jam out of our doenuts. Angry rash clusters are enveloping my body and this time it's not just scabies. Please inhale some glue with me and check out Soulwax's new video E talking

....and exhale

Has anyone heard a band called Soft Hearted Scientists? They rule my school. The Cd to find is called Uncanny Tales From The Everyday Undergrowth If you like Field Music this is similar, but me likes MORE. The new Franz Ferdinand CD is pure pop genius. How many times did I listen to it in a row today, 6-7-8 times? The first release was chock full of hits but this one has flow, every single song is great. I'm not wrapping my head around the new Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah or Electralane But will listen again in the studio today. Thats all. Thanks for the heads up on the Soulwax vid Mr. Boadwee.

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