Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Welcome to the temple of sensory heaven, The Gowanas Canal Day Spa and Rejuvenation Center.
Dearest Gentle Reader, you'll be relieved to know this crack team of facial technologists have exfoliated all my negativity. I've been possessed by Hilton Kramer's ghost, woah, and he's not even dead, is he? What a bad trip I've been on, regarding the art world. I'm ready to be over it. I don't want to be a humorless old fuck, Not every single work of art has to be genius. Right? Heres how Jerry S. sees what artists now attempt to achieve, this sounds alright to me;
"They're attempting to thread together competing complexities, make pleasure precious again... Whether they succeed or not, it's a mistake to label any of them "great." Artists are after a less lofty, less autocratic essence. Something suppler, more "real," and willingly vulnerable. Maybe what Greil Marcus called "spirits of acceptance and desire, rebellion and awe, raw excitement, good sex, open humor, and a magic feel for history."
Now back to lighter fare... There was genius footage on The Daily Show of a fox running through the National Gallery, turns out it was artist Francis Alys who set him loose for the security cameras to record his movements during the night. Brilliant, Go fox go! The footage is on the web; google "fox national portrait gallery" and you'll find it, I can't seem to make the link work.

how and when is pleasure precious? what is the relationship between pleasure and beauty? can there be a magic feel for the present? i think that fox got loose in my brain.....
1) a. When you expeirence the joy of cherishing something
b.When you look into a Faberge Egg?
2)Beauty is the fountainhead of Pleasure
3)Time is a construct. The present if you insist on that term, only lasts for 3 seconds, (I read that in Discovery magazine once). If there can be a magic feel for history I guess there can be a magic feel for the present, but it also seems to me that if you are aware of feeling present then you are likely not present because thoughts take time and by the time the nurotransmitters do their thing, that present has passed... So, No.
hey Anon, I like your questions. Who are You?
Kelli here in Callicoon with Jim and Tom lost at dominoes and now must reenact Deliverance, Hitchhiking back to NYC.
Deliverance, the survival game! Sounds like fun... I think?
See you Monday?
Oops. It looked like I was taking credit for anonymous' thoughtful posting but I did not mean to. Actually spent the weekend in Calicoon/Liberty hanging out with vegans, thrifting and baking. Did not act out any scary Burt Reynold's movies despite losing at Dominos. Tom and Jim really liked this blog.
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