Saturday, October 22, 2005

Up The Morning!!! This is the first picture I ever posted, a painting of Pete Doherty hand crafted by our staff early last year, before Kate was on the sceen and the massive publicity he began to generate. I'm still a firm believer in Pete and his genius. The big music release of the year has been leaked, Babyshambles new album Down in Albion is all over the web. Follow the link at Boadwee Blog if you're interested. So far I think it sounds great, I'm not sure I'm listening to the tracks in the right order but whatev. Up The Morning is BRILLIANT, my fav new track and La Belle Et La Bete has a base line straight out of the Bugsy Malone Soundtrack that Pete has got to be aware of. I read in the NME last year that Carl used to have sing-a-longs at his bar to Bugsy Malone, so it was floating around -I bought this out of print import CD last year for nearly $60, the most I've ever spent on a CD, but WELL WORTH it, It's truely amazing and I'll never tire of it. Anyhow, Pete was here in New York last month getting into a fight at Balthazar, that he can travel to the US after all the drug arrests is a good thing, there's hope Babyshambles might play a New York show someday.

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