Monday, October 10, 2005

Sunday Night Double Feature

We had a double header of the cutes last night, First Was Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, then March of the Penguins. In "Were-Rabbit", our heros have opened a pest control business called Anti Pesto. Their mission is to rid local gardens of rabbits in anticipation of the upcoming Giant Vegetable Competition, which has been held at Tottington hall for the past 500 years. Anti-Pesto's BunniVac machine suck up the mega-ultra-supra-cute rodents. Wallace tries to brain wash the rabbits not to be so destructive but something goes wrong... A Blog Called Nowhere bigtime hearts Wallace and Gromit, Were-Rabbit is a claymation masterpiece.
March of the Penguins was pretty amazing too but I kept thinking of an interview with Morgan Freeman (the narrator) where he said he had no interest at all in emperor penguins, couldn't care less about them. Hahahaha, what a jerk. There's a bunch of Dreamworks animations coming out, "Over the Hedge" looks good.
Have a great day kids, I'm off to my studio to fight the good fight.

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Nick Park is a genius! I useed to have this alarm clock of Wallace and Grommit that would wake me with "Morning Grommit, time for walkies" and the snooze button would say"Don't be a lazy bones". These two movies are on my to see list, scrounging and saving and waiting for the right moment(which may be when it comes out on video)

The suits you have on your site are interesting. What's your halloween choice?
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