Thursday, October 27, 2005


Sample lectures available for purchase:

  1. On Cultivating an Image No One Understands But You
  2. On Being the Kind of Person That Not Even a Mother Could Love
  3. On a New Art School Taxonomy
  4. On Ensuring Unsuccessful Transition
  5. How to be Astonishing
  6. On Extracting More From People Than They Think They Are Willing to Give
  7. On Denying Death
  8. On Cultivating Misery in the Name of Art No One Wants to See
  9. A Lexicon, or: As I Understand It
  10. How to Feel About Disasters
  11. Turning Bad Habits into Charming Quirks
  12. A Guide to Sex, Dating and Love
  13. Becoming Stabbed by Grace
  14. Making Friends and Ingratiating Yourself
  15. A Guide to Staying in Bed
  16. On Alienating Everyone Who Might Care About You
  17. On last minute Decisions, Good or Bad?
  18. A Guide to Irregular Language and its Usages
  19. On Occupying a Moral High Ground No Matter What the Subject
  20. On Near Death Experiences and How They Can Make You Special
  21. On Faking Class
  22. On Financial Optimism Against All Odds
  23. On Professional Jealousy
  24. On Maintaining Imaginary Friends
  25. On Missing Opportunity and Not Learning Lessons

Three five minute lectures have been sold to date, none have been performed yet.

Lectures for Sale By Goody-B. Wiseman

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