Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Pet Rescue Barbie: NOT OK!
Make your own potato Chia Pet: Maybe ok.
Be Your Own Pet: Rocks!

The video to the new single Damn Damn Leash is reminding me of The Monkeys tee-vee show, achieving the same level of kookiness but the music rules, nothing against the Monkeys..

LOVE the potato Chia pet... exquisite. would like to throw it at Barbie.
The pets need to be rescued from Barbie, then Barbie needs to be rescued from reality and thrown to the fiery pits of hell. It's so not ok.
But guys... Barbie is on a Vespa and a rescue mission to find and care for lost canibals, I mean animals...
i think pet rescue barbie is MORE than okay. first of all, she is dressed like a lesbian (maybe things have changed since she broke up with ken...?) and secondly, her hair is magical. i defy anyone to find issue with that.
i have been digging Be your own pet for a couple months now. ONly an ep out right now, right - at least when i looked. hopefully something longer soon. me likey.
i'm hoping it will turn into a feature length stop motion animation.
Barbie's pimp name is either White Chocolate Barbie Shizzle or Papa Barbie Loco.
not sure about the animals
Corny, I'm sorry I'm always going off topic, but you know what they say about the hypothalmus . . .Can I just tell you how fcukne hard I'm laughen at the name "Ham Paw"? But not as hard as I'm laughen at the mthrefcknq potato on a plate. G'dang ye, Cornypup! Ye always was the Best in the Land and now that we know there are at least 12 dimensions, you're the best in the Neighboring Universe as well! Not that the 12 dimensions in this universe are being confused by me as equalling the Neighboring Universe. We live in a Happy MultiHood, Corn!! The Clients sucked me brain out!!! I gave them my life and I had to come o'er here and suck at the fulsom and nourishing Teat o' the Goddess O' the Corn!!!!!
is this another cnn closeup of daring dogooders saving hurricane stranded pets? i'm sorry but i dont get the i'm not leaving if my pet cant come bs that kept some from leaving NOLA.
sheesh, grumpypants, ain't you LOVED? Ain't you BEEN LOVED? Why ya spreaden that NO LOVEN feeling all around? ain't ye got no compassion for the peeps who love something THAT much?

If Sea Monkey, knock on wood, had to leave her beloved pet Clams--Proto and Plasm--behind in the lab after a toxic spill like that nasty little "Marie Curie Gone Wild" incident in '04 that turned an innocent college sophomore, Thanadine, from my intern into my prime Genetic Graft Subject--if such a spill occurred and I had to leave Proto and Plasm behind, well, guess what. We'd cook up a beaker of something and have us a party!
Grumpypants! I'd stay behind with YOU, Li'l Dude . . .
Also, for the record, I no longer binge-drink near the Level 5 vats. Whoops!
I can't bring Thanadine back, but she looks cute with that giant Toucan beack coming out of her forehead!
What can you do . . .
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