Monday, October 03, 2005

John haskell of Yeti
Kate moss is in rehab in Arizona, probabley at the Desert Canyon Treatment Center, if you have to go, and have the money, this is the place to be, especially for hard drug users (whereas Betty Ford caters more towards the drinking set). Meanwhile Pete got taken in by the police again Saturday night for posession, I don't believe he was charged. What about the other ex Libs? Carl's new band without a name recorded their first demo in September, looking forward to hearing that. Carl said himself his music pre Libs was shit, so we'll see what he can do on his own. John Haskell is rocking Yeti, hopefully they'll come play in NY this year. Check out these Yeti downloads including XFM sessions, Demos and videos also and other stuff from the boys in the band. Heres a strange project, someone has set one of Pete's poems to music, it's naff but I like. Also if you want to download it, a link to Petes notorious Live8 duet with Sir Elton, this post may not be up for long...

You may be right about the place in arizona, but i still prefer to think of her lying poolside between liz taylor and axl rose at betty ford....
Maybe she'll get fat like Courtney...
That would be hot.
Anon, that is a wonderful picture.

Susan, uh, that hurts on so many levels.
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