Saturday, October 29, 2005

I could use a little help today getting my 100,000 errands done. Like Jennie, I'll fasten on my coustomized Yoni Shield to begin this wearisome mission. We're jetting out to San Francisco tomorrow for the week. Mrs. Cub's dear uncle John passed away unexpectedly this week so we'll be going to a funeral but as a bonus will also get to spend some time with our lil' kernals, nephews Parker and Spencer. Of course we'll see BFF keith and kenny and a trip to San Fran wouldn't be compleat without a spree at the great great fantastic great record store, Mod Lange.

Perhaps the Yoni shield called "Out of the Fire." is to prevent McDonald's coffee from spilling on one's crotch?

Best of lucks on your trip, Corny - and condolences to the Mrs.
Yes, slothy, I believe you are correct. I like how the "Exposed" Yoni Shield gives me a toxic red glow for extra protection
Dear Mr. Corn:
Hats off to you for protecting the old yoni, especially for the super dang of travelling to a funeral. Dang. I think Lil sea monkey could stand to follow your fine example of self-care, especially since she's under the influenza of our other contributor Dick Blew, who claims "the self is over rated."
best, and most sincerely,
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