Thursday, October 06, 2005

Fashion Forward: Modern yet Complicated.

I'm having Lunch with my ex-dealer uptown today. My philosophy of luncheon is it's better to be over-dressed then under-dressed. I find if you incorporate the table itself into your outfit -as a kind of belt- you're good to go.
Today my favorite sneaker shop in all the boroughs is re-opening with new inventory for the fall. Dave's Quality Meat Check these chucks out. It's a great store without the "what the fuck are you doing setting your fat and hideous foot in my pashmina carpeted exclusive Nolita boutique" vibe. I'm so having Nike skate shoes, I have two pairs, one with the colors of the Jamaican flag but thats not nearly enough so will be shopping for new ones today. Also the cutest pug named SQUISHY, will be there to help you pick out the right style.

Excellent advice, Corn. You are on time and on target with your fashion sensibility. I had not considered the bustle potential of wearing the table. Handy for constant ingestion of appetizers on sticks. That's what I love about this blog, I always learn something.
does this come in a table tennis model?
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