Friday, October 21, 2005

Day 3 without coffee. we're finding this to be a bigger problem then anticipated. options:

a) spend day staring out window
b) cheese and crackers and TV
c) "attempt" to "work" in "studio"

PS. Sea Monkey, your comments in my previous post make me glow like a worm.

hang in there, corny, but if you can't, option a sounds pretty good.

love and xxx's the mrs.
There's also a post for you at the steak knife incident. I send you best wishes, C-dog, though I think yer MAD, man, uttahly MAD. But supposedly, when your adrenals recover from trying to squirt out some molecules of adrenalin even though they've been reduced from (I know there's a better way to phrase this sentence).

The adrenals, once they were healthy little nuts with a bullet sheen and they fired the adrenalin into your neurons like tracer bullets. Now they're more like the tip of an empty tube of cheese whiz. You're trying to get them back to Crazy Nut status and They say that's what happens. You can do it C-dog. I know you can. And if you can't, the bonus part is that coffee is good for you! 3 out of 4 Shamans agree...
Corny! this also happened to Slothy once, and the conclusion was this: Caffeine makes you smarter. I.Q. was reduced by about 50% the first week, and bounced back to about 80% capacity after the second; it plateaued after that. But you are a smart Corn, and have a resilient brain-bone, so you will surely be fine. Best of lucks.
C- Dog that is an excellent name! I agree Concub is smart 50 -80% brain power will still puts her way above your average pet rescue volunteer.

I have quit the coffee myself a few times - the first few days are rough - then I have a few days or weeks swelling with pride and healthy glow knowing that I had stop by affiliation with the evil bean - but I have to admit there is almost nothing nicer than falling off the wagon…
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Steve, save me a bed or two, I'm on my way! Sea Monkey that description of my adremelins as flacid tubes of cheese wizz is really hitting home. I fell off the trolly yesterday but only 1/2 a cup and instantly transformed into Mighty Mouse. But am back on form today. Slothy it's tru caffine makes you smarter. I'm down to 50% and falling fast but I think you're right, the brain she be a boingy sac of superballs bouncing back in unexpected directions. Maybe I'll regain full conciousness with the abilite to speak dead language.
Melly (blushing) SHUT UP, NO YOU SHUT UP.
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