Saturday, October 01, 2005

Contemporary art Museo.
Just back from El Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Carrillo Gil in Mexico City. It's a beautiful modernist structure with ramps and a lot of glass, (no stairs in the museum which made it easier for me to drag my tired-ass around, I was feeling the altitude and short of breath the whole time). I'm doing something at the museum which will involve an "intervention" (thats their art school word, not mine) on the collection, improvements as 'twere, or lets call it a blitzkrieg. The collection focuses on works by Mexican masters Orozco, Siqueiros, Rivera, I'll be mixing the collection with my own stuff... I feel deeply connected to those guys and their socially minded work but the machoness is tiresome and the revolution they depict needs a new focus. But fuck, that Orozco could draw! His depictions of war are grusome and beautiful, similar to Goya. Hey doesn't it suck (but not surprising) that there are there no artists drawing the horrors of the war in Iraq. Or are there? Steve Munford's gentle watercolors were such a disappointment!

Corny, that sounds incredible.

But who do you think would win an uber-macho Greco-Roman wrestling match in a vat of guacamole: Siquieros, Rivera or Orozco?
depends. are eye-gouging and ball-pulling allowed?
I put my bet down on Orozco.
-Rivera was a great draftsman/showman
-Siquerios was inventive using weird mediums, sometimes too weird.
-If we rule out eye-gouging, Orozco would kick some ass. his work is deep, and expressionistic (as opposed to Diegos stiff classical style) his drawings slayed me. He seemded to be scared of the world he lived in, like it was all too overwhelming and I heart an artist who shows vunerability. Plus he was fasinated with the seemy side of life. I saw lotsa drawings of prositutes and drug addicts, he was the champion of the tragic and had a great sense of irony.
Where did you find it? Interesting read » »
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