Wednesday, October 12, 2005

BREAKING NEWS!!! This is a major freak'n event for us at A Blog Called Nowhere, and yeah, even if our lives were full and interesting it'd still be a major freak'n event: Team Shredder has entered the orbit, we are as excited as a thrift store full of desert retards. Go Team Shredder! Our love for you knows NO BOUNDS. In fact I'm watching you right now, cute haircut...

Corny, feel free to hog the comments box, you are our most and ONLY poster, our most illustrious guest and visitor, for you, my frien, the Doctor, she is always In.

Please forgive me for the mistake, you know to which of the many I refer, it's been remedied. I actually wondered about that and meant to check with you, then of course forgot, because INVASION came on. Thanks for the beautiful shout-out--we are but lowly upstarts, inspired by your amazing example--why are you such a genius, corn? I have much to discuss with you in private--such as the Clients . . . jesus, I gotta start preparing for the quarter sooner than the night before.

We will sonn be discussing your blog and its contributions to mankind at length. I seem to have trouble organizing my "thoughts" at the moment . . .
I know the comments box isn't the place to discuss The Clients but I was thinking you may be inspired by MountainMan's abilities to control his Clients. He is making them start Blogs. How cool is that. Check out MM's ArtisticThoughts in my side bar, it's brilliant.
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Great blog, keep up the good work. Glad to see sites like this.

Here is another good site I said I would pass along.
Disney Land
Corny, thanks for the shout out there, I blush. You make me want to talk Irish.
Hey Admin, you tricked me...Damm!
I live in Disney land, believe me this place is totally over hyped.
Team Shredder? Team "the greatest"!
Daggers represent!
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