Monday, October 10, 2005

Are you aware of the appropriate prom dress for your personality? According to quizfarm, if I was an armless mannequin in a prom dress I'd look like this. Of course I'd want to snazz it up with a fun hat or iron bucket. Tomorrow we will discuss the massive 11 page artical about Leo Koenig in this weeks New Yorker magazine and also the ramifications of going back to temple for Yom Kippur for the first time in 10 years. Would it be so bad to bring a flask?

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Dog coats are at it again!!! These spammers are everywhere. Yes to the flask.

Corny, I hope you will also take my quiz, what artist are you, for I would like to know.


I have a dog coat alreaty, why won't they leave me alone!
Taking your test now...
Hey Check it out, thats so exactly right!
If I was an artist I would totally be Artemisia!
Artemisia Gentilleschi 100%
Cecily Brown 95%
William Blake 80%
Willem DeKooning 75%
R. Crumb 75%
Bob Ross 45%
Vincent Van Gogh 45%
Piet Mondrian 40%
Fun facts:We all know the story of Artemisia's rape however did we all know that during the trial she was given a gynecological examination and was tortured using a device made of thongs wrapped around the fingers and tightened by degrees — a particularly cruel torture to a painter. Both procedures were used to corroborate the truth of her allegation, the torture device in the belief that if a person can tell the same story under torture as without it, the story must be true. At the end of the trial Tassi (the rapest) was imprisoned for one year.
good morning to you too
The flask should be OK if it is not filled with bacon grease. That would be a faux pas. New Yorker article has Aidas sleeping in a tree. I think he should tell people he foraged for wild berries in the Park and trapped pedigree dogs for meat.
Hi, you have a great blog here! I'm definitely going to bookmark you!
Don't let Ed Winkleman know about that torture story or he would ask if artists today are as willing to be tortured as artists of yesteryear.

hey - I'm the red prom dress. It is HOT. Like a Dracula girl.

Corny - Are you are still thinking that Chelsea is a shitty context to show art in? I can get you a show at Stuffy's in Richmond. My show ROCKED.
Corny = Artemisia. Yes. It makes so much sense, the bloody spews and all. Blood = Ketchup.

Nighty night.

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