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Punk girl band The Mo-dettes formed in '79. I dig their song White Mice which can be found on the first Rough trade shop compilation. I found info about them and a snippit of this great tune on this webpage dedicated to women of 70's punk. I played this song on David Humphery's Wps1 radio show on friday (more on that later).

"Guitarist Kate Korus, who had previously played with the all-female bands the Castrators and also Slits.... Bassist Jane Crockford was a teenage runaway whose claim to fame was briefly sharing a flat with Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten." -Woman of 70's Punk

is your radio show archived online somewhere? I need to hear this!
It'll on WPS1 in a couple of weeks I think, I'll post it when it comes out,
Thanks FB
Hi Corny,
This is a little off topic I know but your site is so fond of punk rock I thought I could slide this in here and get away with it. You might like to know about:

This is a great little site out of Korea, a real homespun gem, that documents the antics at a punk club in Seoul called Skunk Hell. Skunk Hell was one of my favorite places in Seoul even though its not much more than an unwanted dank cave - your typical punk club. Punk rock in Korea is such a cheerful affair. Its becoming quite popular too. Several of the groups that haunt Skunk are becoming national acts and you can hear them on the radio alongside that godawful, syrupy pop music Koreans can't let go of.

Another good site is:

Anyway, I'm quite sure Skunk will go down in the record books one way or another. The guy who runs the club, Jong-hee is singer in a group called Rux and Rux was invited to play this past July on one of the summer music shows that are popular with the masses in Korea. Jong-hee is great - a real man of the people. The tv shows were picking up on how Koreans were starting to take to punk and contacted him in effort to cash in. They invited his band Rux to perform and he in turn invited all the regulars at Skunk to join him on stage. There were people on stage who weren't even playing instruments - just jumping around. He's a real man of the people that Jong-hee. Then, and there are pictures of this on the website, two guys from the band Couch who were part of the gala perfomance took off all their clothes and started jumping around. This was the national television debut of Rux mind you and it was live. They didn't show much and they cut right away to the cute and apologetic college kids who were hosting the show. The next day it was all over the news. The story even made it to Sweden I learned later. Jon Dunbar, who handles the Tae Han Min Kuk In Decline website said that the guys from Couch are facing five years in jail.

Keep up the good work.
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