Sunday, September 11, 2005

picture by D.Cub

FLASH! This just in: My brother David is at the Astro Dome helping out as a doctor. Heres what he said to my Dad who asked if he could come help too;
i don't think they need anyone more now since they are trying to close these sites and kick them all out, slowly. so free medical care is discouraged. i mean, they are black afterall. i'm doing some clinical work and am mostly doing a study. i got a quick response grant from National Science foundation/FEMa so collecting taped narratives about what prevented evacuation before the storm.
Meanwhile, inside the brain of Papa Cub;
I've been looking up some material on the Lisbon earthquake in 1755. It killed most of the population of Lisbon and it happened on a Sunday AM with everyone in the church. At that time Lisbon was the 4th largest city in Europe. It was the first major catastrophic event that was explained by "scientific reason" rather than theological principles. God wasn't going to take the blame. There was a debate between Voltaire and Rousseau about the question of God allowing bad things to happen. Interesting piece of history re the progress of modern thinking. Well, God knows, but all catastrophic tragedy needs to end with "The Blame Game". The right wing preachers have a great topic for Sunday sermonizing. The sins of New Orleans and all that jazz.
As long as were on about the Cub family, brother Josh just won the Web Marketing Associations achievment award for outstanding website design, for this site. If anyone out there is looking to have a website made, Josh is your man, he's also working on a new site for Canyon Ranch Spa at the moment. Post a message or email me if you want to get in touch with Josh and get yourself a top-notch website.

nice site. :)
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