Thursday, September 22, 2005


People of the State Verses Me.

People of the State of New York versus Me

Justice Court proposed that I come in for a visit. A few months ago I had accepted a special speeding ticket in the Jammy Jar and with it received the invitation. I got up at 6:00 am and drove two hours north to the New Englandy court room where they mostly handle traffic tickets and the occational witch trial. The judge, "Hanging Harry" (I bonded with some of the other speeders who informed me of his moniker) led me out to the town square where the villagers taught me a serious lesson. Then I paid my fine, recieved some bonus points, and drove back to the city.

Don't they know that some of us are just born with lead in the feet? Should we be punished for this handicap??

(we will discuss tomorrow) and came home drunk and had the biggest gut busting laugh ever over this posting. i love you and victoria shaniqua robinson more than you'll ever know. xo kb
i love you and shanique robinson the most!! had the most amazing music experience ever tonight. call and we will discuss! xo kb p.s. this blog cracked my ass up
Slothy, I know it is a curse and a blessing. While it gives us mighty advantages in activities like soccer and walking on hot coals, it is a disatvantage on certain parkways going thru certain small towns, where certain small minded officers of the law look at your feet with cool distain.
Boadwee, OMG, what a surprise to see you in my comment box! I can't wait to hear about the new music club.
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