Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Neurotransmitions to the spongy thing on a stick are returned unopened. Memo to self: The universe is symbolic, oh, and uh and Sterolab is at it again, Goddess bless those smooth crescendoing grooves that make sterolab's ear-candy so damn squishy and suductive. If a highly benevolent celestial being was to eat a field of wild flowers, a few dozen puppies with a marshmellow rue and a keg of Pepto-Bismol, it's burp would sound like Stereolab. I forgot how much I like this band. Download Kyberneticka Babicka from itunes, it's classic Stereolab, the best I've heard since 97 or 98 when the all time genius record Dots and Loops came out, followed by Aluminum Tunes... Also it's not hurting that Laetitia Sadier is ShitHOT

Corny, I did not know that twinkies were spongey of brainwaves and mental weather as well as texture, until now. I have been a junkie of the yellow elastic cakes and white faux-creamy center for decades. But I see I have not been using them properly.
Thank you for helping me start off the day with the friendly face of Twinkie the Kid....Seeing Kate Moss doing coke on the cover on the NYT.com didn't hurt either.
The Mrs.
The Twinkieis is a reciever and amplifier, magic building bricks, avatars, and ancient too. They are complicated and cannot be used incorrectly. They are my self-portrait and my salvation. I may join the Twinkie cowboy to live on his caked bassed planet cause it's a lot nicer then this planet, what with the polar ice caps melting and all the rest...
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