Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Nerdiest Post EVER!
I'm a "completist" with one band, Gentle Giant but I have yet to meet a friend who will tolerate the prog rock musings of GG, so lets not talk about them, (for the moment). I'm working on being a Kaiser Chiefs completist. By now you all should own Employment and know the lyrics by heart. If not, what are ye waiting for? This is going to top my list for best new album of 05...
Here's a list of non-album singles that I've been able to get easily many of these you can download from itunes. I cobbeled this list together from a list a serious fan posted on their website...
1. Born To Be A Dancer (Oh My God original) 2. Caroline Yes (Oh My God original) 3. Wrecking Ball (I Predict a Riot CD) 4. Think About You (And I Like It) (Oh My God CD1) 5. Hard Times Send Me (Oh My God CD2) 6. Born To Be A Dancer (Demo) (Oh My God CD2) 7. Seventeen Cups (Everyday I Love You Less And Less CD2) 8. Not Surprised (Everyday I Love You Less And Less CD2) 9. I Heard It Through The Grapevine (Help: A Day In The Life)
Here are singles I don't have;
Brightest Star (Oh My God 7") Another Number (Everyday I Love You Less And Less CD1) Sink That Ship (I Predict a Riot CD1) Less is More (I Predict a Riot CD2) The Letter Song (Everyday I Love You Less And Less) Everyday I Love You Less and Less (Boys Noize Mix) (I Predict a Riot CD2)7") also I think there are other remixes out there...

corny, i have ALL of them excepting "heard it through the grapevine" from a day in the life. i don't know what you mean by "non-album" singles as some of the tracks you've listed are on the album ("born to be a dancer" and "caroline ye"s). but yes, i think the others are all non-album tracks with standouts being "sing that ship" and "hardtimes send me". i don't know who this fool you've consulted on the topic is but let it be known that grandmaster b has now had the definitive say on all thing KAISER. and how, may i ask you ms. corn, did you manage to miss all of those KF single? peace the fuck out, i love you. kb p.s. i fear there may be tracks on the 7 inch releases that aren't on any of the CD formats. so, now what?
I meant songs that weren't on the album but you're right, some of them mistake, you keep me honest. I picked up another Kaiser single yesterday so am closing the gap... but please to be sending me these songs STAT;
Brightest Star
Another Number
Sink That Ship
Less is More
The Letter Song
and and remix if it's any good-
Best regards from NY! »
Best regards from NY! Butalbital withdrawal seizures
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