Monday, September 12, 2005

Much like Paris Hilton, I enjoy eating at home and watching TeeVee most nights of the week, (The Daily Show, The Closer, Weeds) -this posting is going to have nothing to do with Paris Hilton (though I could acknowledge that her new single is surprisingly good), I mention her because, a) I've just been reading the VanitypuffFairpuffpuff thingy about her and enjoyed Naomi Wolff's musings and semiotic interpetation of the whole kooky Paris phenomenon, (she's a blank signifier), b) I found this pic of Paris looking like she's King Kong about to claim an office building made out of lapis-lazuli as her territory, and felt I had to work it into todays posting which is; Mrs. Cub and I are having a fling with a new video camera she recently brought home, seriously interfering with TV time. *nodding head slowly... So far Mrs. Cub has made a seriously brilliant "rock video" and I'm working on a Bruce Webber style ode to Cy the cat.


where can one hear this surprisingly good single? does she have a CD?
Like stuffing Twinkies in your ears:
BoadaweeBlog has pointed out you can get it on Limewire as well...
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