Monday, September 26, 2005

Merce Cunningham said something about every gesture being a dance. With this in mind, we ask you gentle reader, to reguard your posture in the studio today. Weather you are painting minitaures of say, teddy bears having a tea parties on refined linen supports or seeking out the essence of some so called "God" in monumental abstract expressionist works spreading across time and space, your body moves according to how the paint must move. In my studio the dance looks something like this

I second that!
um, I can't get it to download
I picture the teddy bears being a bit more jazzy. Maybe that's just me....
Sorry it's not working for everone, it loads quickly on Fire Fox and Safari but impossibley slow on Explorer...

I'm not painting teddy-bears, thus the music type. This music is for painting broken mirrors and sea shells.
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