Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Kate Moss dumped by HMV on the cover of the with a pic of her doing cocaine which was pulled out of a 45 minute long video of her parting with Pete and others, originally ran in the Daily Mirror a few days ago. She should proly stick to indorsing products related to her past time----------------->

With her blonde hair hanging untidily around her shoulders, the model icon, worth £30million, prepares up to 20 lines of coke in just 40 minutes. Using a mammoth stash, which she kept safely wrapped in her handbag, Kate - mother of a two-year-old daughter - has no qualms about being seen with the illegal drugs. Doherty and some of his mates mill around, eager to join the binge and impatiently asking to help prepare the drugs. -Daily Mirror

And what about that McCarther, woah. I would never in 100,000 years have thought... I was psyched for Judy Pfaff getting it last year, I liked that an older artist who isn't necessarily making tons of money on their work and whos work is expensive to make got it. I was actually really amazed how brilliant that choice was. But Julie Mehertu? Hummmm...

By the time I finished writing this the NYT's had changed the picture it's running with this story to something a bit less sensational.
I was shocked when I saw that Julie Merhetu got it. Please. There are so many artists who are more original and who have been around much longer and are more deserving. This is a problem. The grapes may smell sour when one criticizes this decision but I don't know...this is insane. Are there not hundreds of artists who would deserve this more than her?
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Deserve is weird. What do we deserve? And yeah I've got vinyard of sour grapes. I said to a friend yesterday that Julie was going to have to deal with alot of jealousy from art world friends and aquaintances and he said "with 1/2 a mil she can buy new friends and aquaintances"
you're right. deserve is weird. deserve is maybe meaningless because probably we all do and do not deserve....i just think that the idea that people who have been working for a lot of their lives, clearly independent of the fluctuating tastes of artworld trends, are more deserving of 1/2 million dollar awards. 35 year olds who have had a career for like 4 or 5 years?? it seems a little premature to deign them a "genius." i guess there will be negativity directed at her which is not totally fair...
For those who missed Ms. Moss:
Julie Merhetu is already plenty rich. this is icing.

PS. She has a benefactor. She had a leg up from the start.
I think the money is besides the point....
How do you mean, money is beside the point?

Even if she did have a leg up, that doesn't ensure MacArthur award.
Money means time, money means access. You can't make work like hers without both.
Kate can do whatever the hell she wants. Hanging around a bunch of drug addicts can be kinda dicey as far as privacy goes. You never know who is going to take pics, sell them to a tabby and immediately take the money and go right to the same dealer for the same high. Wouldn't it be totally cool if old friend Stella took a stand with H & M and said, "Let's help the bird out with some help on the chance that we will have a truly fresh kate to promote my non leather, no sweatshop frocks!"

Free Kate!
Thanks for giving me the chance to rant about Kate. Now about Ms. Mehertu. In no way do I want to disparage her work, as I find it rewarding on many levels. But... I can't help but wonder if the "genius" of this particular award is really more about her dealer's seemingly golden political touch with a variety of institutions. In this increasingly tight funding atmosphere for contemporary visual artists concerning production dollars as opposed to private acquisition dollars, I guess I don't want to direct sour grapes at a grantmaking foundation which like Ed McMann might show up on my doorstep unannounced with a big check. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that is totally in my dreams.
Aloha and mahalo.
hey Corny. love your new at this technology/blog stuff. dont know if you care about my thoughts, but...anyhow, KATE rocks. its so well known that she is ALWAYS holding the blow. i dont quite understand why the daily mirror dedicated 2 or 3 issues about this? what ev's. so what if she lost some campaigns, its not like she's going to file for bankruptcy. and she will still get other campains/editorials/shows in a few months when this BS blows over. i also loved the pics of her chopping and snorting. SO HOT! and i agree with you about Mehertu! not a genius, just over-hyped what ev's. just glad it wasnt given to someone like Dana Schutz....
Dear Anon#1
I believe it was a reporter from the Daily Mirror who infiltrated the scene doing some undercover investigation got the pics.
kte still has half a dozen importent clients and I don't think she'll lose them all. Infact the coke and babyshambles associations proly makes her image more appealing to certain clients, authentic rock and roll baby!
Thanks for the comment ; )
As for JM, yea, whatev, the workings of the McArther overloards is a mystery. Who are they anyhow??? Dana Schutz was my bet to get it but maybe she's to strong an artist to get it. The work has to be anodyne (as Mr.Boadwee pointed out to me)and also have a political bent.
Anon #2 It's been a while since a top model has lost their career over coke (Elle Macpherson) Now it seems the police are going to be questioning everyone involved (the Mossy Posse as the british press is calling them)
This could land her in jail for posession...
hey corny,

it may have been a while since a model lost their career, BUT i think you may agree that Elle Macpherson was/is hardly on the same level as Kate. but i think the most recent model that lost a career was Amy Wesson (who would show up hours late, pass out on set and had to have the photographers assistants prop her up for the right shot) and i actually saw a few Rimmel commercials here in La last night and today (so sexy!). i just think its all BS. her BF will probably get into more law problems than Kate. i mean, look how Courtney Love has/is getting away with SO much. once again she got away without doing jail time for violating another very recent parole violation for doing more drugs....not to mention beating up some female musician from some unknown band whos has Gloria Alred of all people as her lawyer...

like i stated above as anonymous, EVERYONE in the fashion/brit art world knows that kate is ALWAYS holding. they (Stella, Karl, etc.) are just doing what their backers tell them too. she will rock the catwalks and have campaigns by next year for sure!
Faggy71 I was just checking out pics of Amy Wesson, there are a lot of pics of her in a horozontal positions. She's hot.
You never know who the authority types will pick on to make an example of. The problem isn't that she does coke (though you gotta wonder about her havign a kid and parting so hard), it's that she got caught. The court will proly make her go to a 12 step meeting or something. Thanks for the comments, you obviously know the biz... will you be the official west coast fashion world consultant for A Blog Called Nowhere?

Ps.Courtney Love gets away with a lot because no one really gives a shit about her, she aint nobodys spokesmodel.
heya Corny,

yeah, you know i used to be a big fashion fag. buy all the mags and clothes and shit, but thats when i was younger. anyhow, yeah im glad you saw the Amy Wesson stuff. i have a video from the 90's of her on 20/20 of her being sued by her agency for not going to detox and switching agencies. and in the interview you can TOTALLY tell she was whacked out on something (probably heroin and other stuff) with the most raspy voice, twitching and could NOT stop smoking at a backstage show...kinda interesting, yet sad ....her downfall was sad as she did rock. yeah, i wonder about kate being "caught" and the fact that she broke up recently with her babies daddy who is now seeing another hot model, i think Anouk. and perhaps a way for him to gain custody of the child? dunno?

did you like Jenny Shimizu? i have stories about her and kate, kinda juicy, yet tragic too (perhaps not proper to post on this)....i think Jenny's HOT!!

as far as Courtney, i agree, no one gives a shit and she had always been a mess. but i did like EARLY Hole...
The kate weston vid sounds very juicy Shadenfrau.
Are you perhaps suggesting maybe kates babydaddy is involved in the undercover setup to bust kates drug scene? Interesting, very interesting.
As for Jenny Shimizu, she's alright, I like that she can fix a motorcycle and she's got a tat of a girl riding a wrench on her arm... Please tell the juice, write it here and I'll post it, credited to you, my west coast fashion/gossip can also email me at
peace out
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