Saturday, September 17, 2005


1st place

Rita Ackerman
Andrea Rosen Gallery
Chaotic, coarse, totally uninhibited collages.

It's not HORRIBLE but if these are first, second, and third place Chelsea isn't worth the trip this month.
it's pretty thin in Chelsea...
September is not the month for big guns.
Also I didn't not like the Duzma show as much as i thought I'd dislike it.
Yes, I looked at your Dzama photos on your flickr account.
I just did the Chelsea art walk yesterday.

NO!! So bad.
But yes to Rita Ackerman,
yes to weird still life in the back room at Andrea Rosen.
Yes to cardboard painter's studio at Caren Golden.
Yes to Lisa Schnitger, though tepid yes.
NO to Lucyt Mckenzie. Why third place, Corney?
reserved yes to Marcel Dzama.
Yes to photos at Sikkema.
-Yes agreed about back room at Andrea Rosen
-NO to cardboard room at CarenGolden, Red Grooms covered that ground with his Ruckus New York.
-Yes, agreed perhaps I will downgrade to a tepid yes to Lisa Schnitger... I just so like the Image I posted.
-Yes to Lucy Mckenzie, The large cartoon paintings are awkward and kinda lame but I LOVE the tintin drawings, I like the erotisized portraits of the woman (I'm guessing self portraits) hung with the tintin ones, lightly riffing their combined androngeny. I love tintin, and think it's funny to see him grown up.
-Hanna Darboven @ Gasser &Grunert is actually an excelent show, I don't get it, I mean I kind of get it but I love it. Also there is a cool piece in the back room.
I forgot about the Red Grooms, but still felt very happy in there, like in a doll house.
I will give the Lucy Mckenzie another go. I can be too hasty sometimes.
Also will check out the hanna darboven. I was too tired to go past 26th and also elevators and stairs were ruled out this trip due to art fatigue.
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