Tuesday, August 16, 2005


We're back from the Other Place and it's time to suit up for the studio. Head gear with external brainpuffs facilitates thinking outside of The Box. Paint rags strewn about head for convenience.

Todays Movie Review:
Grizzly Man - Very very good.
The Island - Immensely entertaining sci-fi

Corny! Welcome back. Louis Kahn was such a badass, wasn't he?
Yeah, total badass! I heart Louis Kahn a lot, it's so beautiful and relaxing and elegant and austere and architechtonic and playful...
I must get some external brain puffs....
I feel hungry looking at that photograph. Something like those chocolate cakes surrounded by marshmellow and pink stuffs. hehehe
Ah yes, Sno-Balls. Luscious. Pure chemical goodness.
Snow balls are full of preservatives and ingesting them keeps you young Sloth, like eating a face lift.
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