Tuesday, August 30, 2005

We came back last night from our latest excursion and then had to drive up to Bard this AM to consult with new Clients. Stummbling through my first class, I instructed them to refer to me as Professor Corneus Cubius or just plain Coach, and to do 15 collages and drawings for next week (on which a painting will eventually be based); and then 500 sit-ups. I am jetlagged and LITERALLY crippled from the roundtip drive to Bard, but will refresh myself by taking a 15 to 24 hour nap. Clients seem OK. Not too pushy or needy, but it's early to say.

Who's the babe on the plane?
Thats me!!! (Mrs.Cub always gets the good seat, inside the plane)
you're blond?
Oh, i thought you meant the babe walking on the wing of the bi-plane.... You mean the net-jet chick... oh her, thats Mrs.Cub. She has an unfortunate spasm in her middle finger.
What is client?
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