Thursday, August 25, 2005

Off to San Francisco, city of dreams, also sleep research and disorder treatment. Will be visiting with family in Stinson Beach and Sonoma, then most importantly, a massive CD buying excursion with Cap'n Boadwee at Mod Lange in Berkeley. Back next Wednesday recounting crucial life lessons I'll probably pick up on the road. Meanwhile this clip brings all good things (CATS AND ROBOTS) together. Please hold...

Last I was there, I thought it to be the armpit of California. Second only to the groin of California, LA.
But, Amoeba rocks.
That robocat clip will keep me happy till at least Wednesday! Now that I am in isolationin the PAcific Nrothwest - I am a regualr visitor to Corny's blog.
Have fun with Keith .
I am not sure If I can't type or I can't spell.
Melly I love you and yoeur creative typing. I cannt spall for shit so donut fel bad.:; awso I just want to sai, San fransiscisos loss is Portalnds gaiene.
Susan, why so negative?
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