Monday, August 08, 2005


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The lawn mower; a resplendent mode of transportation, while noiser then a Segway, it has headlights so one could (weather permitting) conceivably drive it at night.

Ahhh, but alas, someday all lawns will be mowed by this: remote controlled mower....
Kool, Korny -- I'll race ya in the "Pimple"...
sloth, you are so ON! Did you know my indian name is Shitty and Competitive?
Would you like some mustard with that dust you'll be eating?????
OF COURSE my Segways ( Amsterdam Segway Tours) all have attachable lights - white in front, red in back - so that we can regularly offer an evening "Native Nightlife" tour of Amsterdam. Frankly, most other Segway tour operators have them, too. It's simply not a problem, and certainly no basis on which to draw differences between a lawnmower and a Segway. How about that riding the Segway is about 1,000 X more cool?
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